Shandong is known for its “One Mountain, One River and One Sage”.

“One Mountain” refers to Mt. Tai, one of China’s most sacred mountains where emperors of successful dynasties would pray for peace and prosperity. It has served as a place of worship even until today. Visit Shandong and the majestic Mt. Tai with its breathtaking views.

“One River” refers to the Yellow River. The picturesque scenery of the Yellow River that discharges into the sea from Shandong is best described in a famous poem that “the waters of the Yellow River come from heaven, surging into the ocean, never to return again”.

“One Sage” refers to Confucius, a native of Shandong whose thoughts had great influence on the cultural formation of the entire Chinese nation. With the development of Confucianism over 2,000 years, Shandong has become a place of pilgrimage for many scholars and literati. A trip to Shandong to seek the roots of Chinese civilization and the essence of Confucianism concepts will drive your senses to a whole new level.



About Shandong

Shandong, the pearl of East China, faces South Korea and Japan across the sea, is an important cradle of Chinese civilization and the birthplace of Confucian culture. With such a profound culture, time-honored history and natural landscapes, Shandong boasts many world-class cultural and natural heritages, famous cities and towns, historical relics and sites, ancient schools and manors. You can climb to the top of the holy mountain, enjoy the spring water by the lake and touch into history. Come and explore everything Shandong has to offer.